2012 Convention Results

The 2012, Libertarian Party of West Virginia Convention proved to be a huge success. In addition to our general business, the convention hosted Josh Campbell, a representative for Gary Johnson - LP Candidate hopeful for President, and James Lark, III (the Region 5 LNC Representative). 

General business of the party included the election of the LPWV Executive Committee, the results are as follows (each shall serve a 2 year term):

  • Michael S. Wilson, J.D. - Elected as State Chair
  • Alan Westfall - Re-Elected as Vice-Chair
  • Karl Swisher - Re-Elected as Treasurer
  • Joe Schill - Re-Elected as Secretary
  • Tom Thacker (Exiting State Chair) - Elected as At-Large Representative
  • Matt Shorb - Elected as At- Large Representative
  • Travis Schultz - Elected as At-Large Representative

In addition to the election of officers, the membership also adopted the revised Bylaws as presented, and all offered Platforms & Positions - with the exception of "Right to Privacy" and Reproductive Rights" which were tabled until the next regular meeting of the party. 

Upon the conclusion of party general business, the following items were presented for vote of the membership:

Upon unanimous consent of the delegation, Dr. David Moran was nominated as the Libertarian Party of West Virginia, 2012 Candidate for Governor of West Virginia. 

Upon unanimous consent of the delegation, Gary Johnson was formally endorsed as the Libertarian Party of West Virginia's 2014 Presidential Candidate. This endorsement carries with it the commitment from the six (6) WV Delegates, to the Libertarian National Convention, to cast their nominating votes in favor of Gary Johnson. 

Speakers in Order of Presentations:

1) James Lark - LNC Regional Representative (State of the Party)

2) Josh Cambell - Representative for Gary Johnson (Endorsement Speech)

3) Matt Shorb - Representative for David Moran (Endorsement Speech)

4) David Moran - Candidate for Nomination