2014 Candidates Nominated

The delegates and attendees of the 2014 Libertarian Party of West Virginia State Convention nominated our candidates for the 2014 General Election. The LPWV will be hosting its largest array of candidates in over 25 years in this election cycle. 

The following were nominated by a majority vote of those attendees meeting the requirements under the bylaws of the party to cast a nominating ballot:

U.S. Senate: John S. Buckley

U.S. Delegate for WV 2nd District: David H. Jones

W.V. Senate, 12th District: Patrick S. Smith

W.V. House of Delegates, 50th District: Michael A. Ray

W.V. House of Delegates, 51st District: Edward E. Olesh

We will provide additional information regarding our candidates as it becomes available through the "Campaign 2014" navigation at the top of our website.