About the LPWV

The Libertarian Party of West Virginia (LPWV) is a state affiliate of the Libertarian Party (LP).

As affirmed at the 2014 LP National Convention, the LPWV is contained within the designation of Region 5 (5) along with Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia. 

The LPWV is governed by an elected Executive Committee. Each member of the Executive Committee serves two year terms which are elected at the State Annual Meeting held in odd years.

Serving under the Executive Committee, and providing regional support and event planning, are the Regional Coordinators of the LPWV.  The LPWV has adopted nine regions throughout the state and within each region there are County Contacts that serve as local support for the Regional Coordinator. 


Registered Libertarian Voter Statistics 


Motto of the LPWV:

Montani Semper Libertarian - Which means Mountaineers are Always Libertarian


In West Virginia, the officially recognized abbreviation for the Libertarian Party are as follows (these are recognized by the WV Secretary of State):

L = Libertarian
LP = Libertarian Party
LBT = Libertarian (for ballot purposes)


 Official Colors of the LPWV:

Mountaineer Gold Mountaineer White Mountaineer Blue
#ffcc00 #ffffff #000066
R255, G204, B0 R255, G255, B255 R0, G0, B102
C1%, M19%, Y100%, K0% C0%, M0%, Y0%, K0% C100%, M98%, Y21%, K31%