Business and Industrial Development

What is the Libertarian Party of West Virginia doing for business development throughout the state?


West Virginia is one of the two poorest states in the union, largely due to the fact that business development is not encouraged and is discouraged through excess business taxation.


The state is rich in natural resources, but these are exploited by out-of-state corporations and are used to build industrial infrastructure in other states.


West Virginia has the lowest Business Freedom rating of all the states in America.


Business development is strong all along but on the other side of every West Virginia border. The adjoining states take advantage of these industrial developments to the loss of income and labor of West Virginia.


Transition Actions:
Reduce all business excise taxes immediately to the level or below the corresponding level of all surrounding states.


Promote the use of West Virginia natural resources, coal, oil, gas and wind and solar power for the development of industries within West Virginia rather than as energy export products.


Reduce all gasoline taxes to the level or below the corresponding levels of all surrounding states.


Apply road tolls and associated taxes only to transient traffic across West Virginia and not to the residents or short-term visitors to the state.