Candidate Resources

This page will offer the Candidates of the LPWV access to resources and information to assist in their campaign.

Candidate Websites

The LPWV now offers candidates a simple way to build and share their website. By hosting their site through the LPWV NationBuilder platform (as a SubNation of the LPWV) the candidate will have access to all the contacts, information and resources provided through the LPWV database; as well as, the following benefits provided by the LPWV:

  • Assistance in Website Design
  • Assistance in Website Maintenance
  • Assistance in Deploying and Integrating Social Networks

To begin, please select the following link:


Please Note: The LPWV receives NO monetary gain from your enrollment in this program. 

Candidate F.A.Q.s 

For answers to the most common questions pertaining to the current election cycle, please visit our growing database of questions and answers specifically geared to candidates.


Candidate Calendar 

A schedule of the important dates to note throughout your campaign.






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  • commented 2014-05-05 12:33:43 -0400
    For our candidates and anyone else who supports the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution:

    The most active WV organization working for expanded gun rights is the WV Citizens Defense League whose current chair, Keith Morgan, has been very active in pushing forward legislation to protect our rights and very successful in organizing citizens to keep our state elected officials sensitive to making decisions in favor of these goals.
    Whether candidate or not, I urge all to support this effort.

    Keith has authored a survey to send to those campaigning for offices in our legislature and after looking at their track record of past votes, grades them and posts the results on their website to assist voters in deciding who has earned our support.
    I encourage all of our office seekers to take and return the survey if they want to receive support from the gun-owning public.

    The website for the for the organization is:


    For the current ratings chart:

    Our chair and I both have the .pdf survey available and will forward it on request.
    I suspect Keith may add a link for the survey at some point but there is not one yet.

    Thank you and GOOD LUCK!

    Steve Allison