Advances in 2015

A Message from the Chair:

The first three quarters of 2015 have proven to be some of the most successful in the growth and development of the Libertarian Party of West Virginia.

Over the past year, in West Virginia, we have seen our voter registration total for the Libertarian Party increase over 30% from 1,854 (October, 2014) to 2,508 (September, 2015).

In 2015, we established regional coordinators and county contacts to facilitate communication, outreach, event planning and membership growth throughout the state party. You can learn more about our state leadership here!

Since the beginning of the year, we have experienced a 133% growth in our social media engagement (primary via Facebook) vastly expanding our outreach opportunities. Be sure to head over to our facebook page and give us a like!

All of this growth has provided us the opportunity to engage with voters throughout the entire state through increased event participation and outreach booths at many statewide, regional and local events (such as Bridge Day, local festivals and trade-shows). You can stay informed of our upcoming events here!

Finally, we have also launched our 2016 campaign season well in advance. Dr. David D. Moran has accepted our preliminary nomination as the 2016 LPWV Gubernatorial Candidate (the most important race for our state affiliate, as it determines if we maintain official (Major) party status and ballot access).

All of these efforts have generated exponential growth for the Libertarian Party throughout the Mountain State and have ignited the interest of thousands of voters. We have even had calls from county clerks seeking more information about the party in response to increasing numbers of individuals coming in to their offices to register as, or switch to, Libertarian!

Please help us continue to expand our reach and advance the libertarian message throughout our great state. Please consider volunteering your time and making a donation to the LPWV. 

Your friend in liberty,

Michael S. Wilson

Michael S. Wilson
State Chairman, The Libertarian Party of West Virginia


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