Consistent Growth All Over the State

Consistent growth all over the state; biggest state convention we’ve ever held set for Sat., May 7 (see last paragraph below)


There’s been no winter hibernation for the Libertarian Party in the Mountain State. Although the weather keep outdoor activities to a minimum, LPWV political growth has continued unabated. Case in point: as many have been seeing on the LPWV Facebook page ( and on this web site, our party is going to be the first party other than the Ds and Rs ever to field a full slate for all six statewide offices. Four of our six candidates have already announced publicly: David Moran (of Preston County) for Governor, Karl Kolenich (of Upshur County) for Attorney General, John Buckley (of Hardy County) for Secretary of State, and Brent West (of Wood County) for Treasurer. LP candidates for the remaining two statewide posts – Auditor and Commissioner of Agriculture – will be announced shortly.

Already two Libertarians have announced for House of Delegates: Brad Hager in the 20th District (largely Mingo County) and Travis Simms in the 32nd District (largely Fayette County). We know of at least five other Libertarian candidates preparing to run for the legislature as well. Stay tuned.

The Mid-Ohio Valley Libertarians have launched a highly successful series of monthly dinner “socials,” inviting LPWV members, like-minded libertarians (even if not yet registered “Libertarian” to vote or party members yet), and friends interested in learning more about our ideas, to meet-and-greet in a non-“meeting” format. With three such socials under their belt (and higher participation each occasion!), they’re setting the stage to harness this energy for political action on behalf of our candidates as the 2016 election season marches on. Shout-out to the MOV Libertarians! Will Cabell, Kanawha, and Mon County Libertarians follow suit? Harrison County? Eastern Panhandle?

The LPWV now has 26 counties with Libertarian “coordinators.” These volunteers are serving as the local point of contact for developing grassroots outreach and welcoming new volunteers. The latest county on our list: Nicholas County. Here we have two enthused high school Libertarians (both had already been registered Libertarian to vote!) have teamed up to served as co-coordinators. Hear, hear to Brandon Callahan and Troy Williams! Take a look at the interactive map on the LPWV website of the counties where the LP has staked out this local growth (on the home page, under the tab “The LPWV” go to “LPWV Leadership”). If your county has no coordinator, how about stepping up to the plate? We need you (it’s not hard, there’s no minimum obligation, we can’t dock your pay!, and anything is better than nothing).

3K. That’s what we’re now shooting for in the number of registered Libertarians in WV. It was 2,802 at the beginning of February of this year; 1,854 in October of 2014; and just 1,489 in October of 2013 (according to stats on the website of the Secretary of State office). The LPWV is small, to be sure, but steadily growing. Let’s break the 3K barrier by the time of our state convention on May 7. Get your friends and family to register Libertarian (or switch parties to Libertarian, if already registered to vote). You can easily register or just switch parties online at Oh yeah, you need to be registered Libertarian bv March 31 in order to be eligible to vote at our state nominating convention.

Speaking of the state convention, you’re not going to want to miss it! It promises to be the biggest the LPWV has ever held, with cool people – all committed to freedom – from every corner of our state. You want to get energized? Register online asap to attend; there’s no attendance fee! (go to, look for the banner headline), join us at the Days Inn conference center in Flatwoods on Sat., May 7, and get your batteries re-charged. No one who shows up is going to regret attending, guaranteed!