Do I need to file with the S.O.S. or County Clerk?


No - with a caveat. The Libertarian Party of West Virginia has opted out of the Primary Election and will be holding nominations by convention. 

Any candidate seeking nomination as a candidate for the General Election CAN NOT file a Certificate of Announcement until after they are nominated at the LPWV State Nominating Convention.  However, you will need to file Official Form F-1 (Pre-Candidacy Registration Form) with the Secretary of State if you plan to open a bank account and begin accepting contributions before your official nomination by the LPWV.  

This allows the LPWV full control over the process and relieves our (Primary) Candidates from the financial and regulatory burdens of the state run elections. Once a candidate receives nomination at the state convention, they will be required to file with the Secretary of State and comply with the policies and procedures of the General Election. 

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