What position does the Libertarian Party of West Virginia take regarding the education of our youth?


All primary and secondary education should be under the control of the communities from which the students come. The state control of schools, the consolidation of schools and the excessive bus transportation imposed upon our children is detrimental to their learning and has provided no improvements in education standards in West Virginia.


Transitional Action:
Recognize that as Governor there are limits that can be done at the Federal level. Eliminate only grants from state only sources but allow Federal pass through grants until the system is changed at the Federal level. Taxes are being paid by WV residents to the Federal government. As long at we are taxed, to be fair to West Virginia, money should come back to WV from the Federal Government.


Return control of the school systems to the local communities. Eliminate the state school board or reduce it to a simple educational monitoring and support activity to help improve local education at the request of the community school systems.


End school consolidations.


Provide vouchers for students that want to attend certified private schools.