January 18, 2014

The following are the minutes of the regular meeting of the LPWV held on January 18, 2014, from 12:00pm to 1:22pm, via our online conference system. 

LPWV Minutes

Meeting Date: January 18, 2014

Meeting Time: 12:00 – 1:22pm

Meeting Location: Online

In Attendance (12): Michael S. Wilson, Alan Westfall, Karl Swisher, Bill Talkington, Brent West, Colin Wood, David Moran, Ed Olesh, Kyle Bahr, Mary Welman, John Buckley and Bill Redpath.

General discussion began with reading of the minutes of the prior meeting.

There was no old business to address.

Treasurer's Report was not provided.


Discussion was made, confirming that the meeting format should continue to be held via web-teleconference. This format provides convenience and increases the accessibility of our meetings to the membership of the LPWV. There was a consensus that the new system - Fuze-Meeting, by FuzeBox - is the preferred web-teleconference system.


The next formal meeting of the LPWV was proposed and approved for Saturday, February 1, 2014, 10:00am to 12:00pm EST.

An interim meeting was scheduled for Saturday, January 25, 2014, 10:00am to 12:00pm EST, to discuss specific matters pertaining to the candidate application process and the requirements for voting privileges at the nominating convention. 


The membership was updated with information regarding the move of the LPWV website to the NationBuilder platform. General information was provided regarding the benefits of the new platform, including social network integration and membership building options provided by the NationBuilder architecture.

The attendees were also informed of the new toll-free number 1-855-OUR-LPWV. This is a full featured dial-by directory that will allow call forwarding to members of the Executive Committee and provide audio statements and notices from the LPWV and our candidates.


Discussed the primary function of the convention: To allow the candidates a final opportunity to present their platform and why they should be a Libertarian Candidate in the 2014 General Election. 

General discussion was made regarding who will be allowed to cast nominating votes at the convention. Additional discussion will be made pertaining to this issue at an interim meeting scheduled for January 25, 2014. The general consensus appeared to be that online voting should not be permitted, and only those in attendance at the convention shall cast votes for nomination. 

The current proposal, and requirements for voting are (a vote will be made on this - February 1):

  • To cast a ballot at the Nominating Convention, the individual shall be:
    • present at the convention; 
  • and, shall meet one or both of the following requirements:
    • a Dues Paying (VOTING) member of the LPWV; 
    • or, be a registered voter with the Secretary of State as a Libertarian. 

Further discussion shall be made to determine the cut off date for voters registration, in order to provide the LPWV time to obtain the Voters Registration data dump from the Secretary of State. 

ACTION ITEM: Michael Wilson has been tasked with determining the cost for a third-party company to generate and mail out convention and nominating procedural notices to all registered Libertarians in WV. 


Discussion was made to finalize the convention date. Preliminary discussion had been made for March 8, 2014. Discussion was made to move the date of the convention to a later date providing more time to organize the event. Ed Olesh presented information which supported keeping the originally discussed date in order to allow students at the Universities to remain available to assist in promotions of the nominated candidates (before summer break). 

David Moran made a motion to hold the LPWV 2014 Nominating Convention on March, 8, 2014 in Charleston, West Virginia. This motion was seconded by Bill Talkington. The motion carried without objection. 


Morgantown News: Colin Wood presented information pertaining to a current recall election in the city of Morgantown. This recall was initiated by the passing of a food vendors ordinance, in full disregard of the express desires of the people. The motion passed 5-1, the recall pushes to remove the 5 counsel members who voted in favor of the ordinance.  More information will be provided regarding this effort in the news section the LPWV website as it becomes available.  

Campus Libertarians: Bill Talkington, Kyle Bahr, Ed Olesh and Colin Wood presented information regarding the newly established WVU student Libertarian organization "College Libertarians of WVU". Requests were made for promotional materials. The LPWV offered and will be creating a Sub-Nation website for the organization to use as their official website. For more information on this Campus Libertarian organization, you can visit their facebook page or their facebook group.