June 23, 1996

ARCHIVE DATA: The following are the minutes of the LPWV meeting held June 23, 1996.

Minutes of Libertarian Party of West Virginia
Executive Committee Meeting
June 23, 1996
3:00 P.M.
Offices of Ferris, Baker Watts
Charleston, West Virginia

Present: John Brown, Dr. Wallace Johnson, David Wolfe, John Sturgeon.

Dr. Johnson has acquired a list of 200 political action committees. David Wolfe will check on the legality of their donating to the Johnson campaign.

John Brown has written to the West Virginia Association of Broadcasters requesting Dr. Johnson's inclusion in the October 8, 1996 debate to be held at the Culture Center in Charleston. No response had been received as of June 17, 1996.

Weekly faxes are now being sent to news sources around the state.

Dr. Johnson will send out appeals to all on the PAC list.

Charleston businessman Fred Haddad will ask that Dr. Johnson be included in an August poll. There is a possibility of Haddad contributing to the campaign, but this would be two or three weeks before the election.

Terry Marchal of the Charleston Gazette has said that all candidates will be included in that newspaper's poll.

The LPWV may undertake its own very informal poll.

There will be a state-wide meeting after the election to determine what to do next. New goals will be set at that time.

The LPWV executive committee will grow to as many as 130 positions, although some may be vacant for a while.

There has been no response as of yet to the June 10 fundraising appeal mailing.

Since no political signs will be allowed on public property, John Brown is to begin calling the LPWV database to see if anyone has strategic positions for large signs.

John Brown is also going to contact Impact Telemarketing about fundraising on commission.

The next meeting will be July 28, 1996 at the home of Dr. Johnson in Beckley.