June 2, 1996

ARCHIVE DATA: The following are the minutes of the LPWV meeting held June 2, 1996.

Minutes of Libertarian Party of West Virginia
Executive Committee Meeting
June 2, 1996
3:00 P.M.
Offices of Ferris, Baker Watts
Charleston, West Virginia

Present: John Brown, Roger Fritz, Dr. Wallace Johnson, Joy Johnson, Dr. Joseph Whelan, David Wolfe, John Sturgeon.

Dr. Johnson started the meeting with a discussion of his campaign, stating that publicity, primarily free media coverage, will be the key to success in the fall. We need to be pro-active in regard to the media, and in contact with news sources to find out when debates will be staged. All campaigns are in the doldrums now. Underwood is working on a platform and Pritt is re-grouping. Beth Vorhees of WV Public Broadcasting has promised that if Dr. Johnson is on the ballot, he will be in the televised debates this fall.

The Charleston Daily Mail is probably the most receptive to an interview with the editorial board. There is also a good chance of getting an endorsement from the Beckley Herald.

As far as paid media goes, that is entirely dependent on fund raising efforts.

Yard signs will be concentrated mainly in the Beckley area.

Strategically placed 4' x 8' signs are to be placed in high traffic areas around the state, close to interstates. These will be done by volunteers and should go up as soon as posible.

David Wolfe reported $3,540.61 in Dr. Johnson's campaign fund.

Dr. Johnson talked to Democratic loser Joe Manchin about fund raising. A list of his contributors may be obtained from the Secretary of State's office or from Manchin's campaign report.

Joy Johnson challenged the committee: Are we going for 1% or are we going for broke?

Dr. Whelan said it was a golden opportunity to go for it, since anything could happen.

Dr. Johnson agreed that he was willing to do all he could short of closing his practice and campaigning full time. The opposition are both minority candidates with less than 50% of the vote.

After Labor Day Dr Whelan will devote three out of four weeks to campaigning in the 9th District. There is no Republican in the race so it's between the Democrat and the Libertarian.

David Wolfe advised that our lack of infrastructure may be too much to overcome, even though we are building on what we have.

Dr. Whelan suggested a SWAT team approach - getting Wally out there.

Roger Fritz thought that 1% is "pretty much a lay-up now, but if we get 10-15% they won't jerk with us - we'll be too much of a power."

Dr. Whelan agreed. We should be ready for anything - 10-15% or even a win.

Dr. Johnson talked about the need to open a campaign headquarters.The person in charge should be a fund raiser on commision. All that is needed are the basics: a desk, a phone, typewriter and chairs. It should be a place for people who want to help.

We may need to move from amateur to professional fund raising, hiring someone on a commission basis.

It was agreed by all that we should GO FOR BROKE!

John Brown advised on the need to focus on two areas:

1. Fundraising

2. Getting media attention

The mailer to registered Independents will cost more than originally thought. At least $15,000 will be needed.

Thirty five 8' x 4' roadside signs will cost approximately $750 and should be deployed as soon as possible.

There will now be weekly press release faxes to 300 sources around the state, including both daily and weekly newspapers, radio and television stations.

The Fall Tour will hit the population centers. It will kick off and end with a weekend of stops in all the major centers.

The latest edition of the newsletter will probably bust the LPWV account and it may stay that way, except for bare bones expenditures, until after the election. All proceeds will be channeled to the Dr. Johnson campaign.

Dr. Whelan will devote a large portion of his radio shows this summer to explaining what libertarianism is, booking Dr. Johnson, John Brown and Roger Fritz as guests.

The next meeting will be at 3:00 P.M. on June 23, 1996 at the offices of Ferris, Baker Watts.