Libertarian to Seek Office of Sheriff of Cabell County: James Copley to Offer Voters a Choice in November

(April 20, 2016, Culloden, WV) The Libertarian Party of West Virginia has its first candidate to announce for Sheriff in the 2016 elections. James Copley of Culloden has determined to run for Sheriff of Cabell County.

“I believe voters deserve a choice in November in every race possible,” said Copley, a workers’ compensation claims adjuster for BrickStreet Insurance. “I also think it’s valuable for voters to know about the small government policies and point of view of the Libertarian Party. For both those reasons, I intend to carry the banner of the Libertarians in the race for Sheriff this fall.”

In running for Sheriff, Copley joins a rapidly growing slate of Libertarians across West Virginia seeking elective office this year. In addition to Copley’s candidacy in Cabell County, the Libertarian Party of West Virginia plans to field a full ticket of statewide candidates in November: David D. Moran of Preston County for Governor, Karl Kolenich of Upshur County for Attorney General, John Buckley of Hardy County for Secretary of State, Brent West of Wood County for Treasurer, Brent Ricketts of Jefferson County for Auditor, and Buddy Guthrie of Monongalia County for Commissioner of Agriculture. The Libertarian Party of West Virginia is now the third-largest political party in the state in terms of registered voters

Copley is a 2007 Dean’s List graduate of Shepherd University with a degree in Economics and Business Administration. At Shepherd, he was the recipient of both a Salutatorian Scholarship as well as a West Virginia Promise Scholarship. He has business experience as a retail sales representative with Verizon Wireless and in personal banking as a Small Business Specialist with Chase, both in Charleston. A native of Wayne County who grew up on a 100-acre farm, he is an avid advocate of the rights of citizens under the Second Amendment to keep and bear arms and was an early member and supporter of the leading gun rights organization in West Virginia, the WV Citizens Defense League. He intends to bring that sensibility to the office of Sheriff, in contrast to the reluctance of the WV Sheriff’s Association to support concealed carry legislation earlier this year.

“There is an opportunity in the 2016 elections,” says Copley, “to chart a path forward in West Virginia that combines the rugged individualism of our state’s heritage, smaller but open-minded government, expanded personal liberties and privacy, pride in the growing diversity of our workforce, and old-fashioned law and order.” “I want to be a part of this new, prosperous West Virginia.”

The Libertarian Party of West Virginia (LPWV) will hold its state nominating convention on Saturday, May 7, at the Sutton Days Inn and Conference Center in Flatwoods. The LPWV anticipates nominating a full slate of candidates for the six statewide races in West Virginia this year as well as candidates for Congressional and state legislative office.