Libertarian John Buckley Announces for Secretary of State

January 21, 2016, Mathias, WV (Hardy County) John S. Buckley, the 2014 Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate today announced his candidacy for Secretary of State on the Libertarian Party ticket. “It’s time to open a seat at the table of state government to individuals outside of the disintegrating two-party system,” said Buckley, a former Republican member of the Virginia House of Delegates. “Libertarians have a unique appeal all across the traditional political spectrum in light of our overlap with conservatives on issues of economic freedom and with liberals on issues of personal liberties,” he added. “Libertarian political positions bring people together, in contrast to the divisive rivalries of Republicans and Democrats.”

Buckley becomes the second Libertarian to announce for statewide office this year, joining the Libertarian Party’s candidate for Governor, David D. Moran, whose candidacy in 2012 for Governor gained the party official recognition status. The Libertarian Party of West Virginia has since become the third-largest political party in the state in terms of registered voters. Buckley came in third in the five-candidate contest for U.S. Senate in 2014.

A resident of, and long-time homeowner in, Hardy County in the Potomac Highlands area, Buckley served as the youngest member of the Virginia House of Delegates in 1980-82, voted as a member of the Electoral College for Ronald Reagan in 1980, and was the chief administrator of the prestigious United States Court of Federal Claims in Washington, D.C., from which he retired in 2014.

“While the office of Secretary of State is principally an administrative position, I believe it also provides a prominent platform for statewide leadership in offering public policy solutions to the critical job and stewardship challenges facing West Virginia,” Buckley said. “I’ll bring some independent points of view into the halls of state government.” 

The Libertarian Party supports free-market, limited government as well as personal liberties. The Libertarian Party of West Virginia (LPWV) will hold its state nominating convention on Saturday, May 7, at the Sutton Days Inn and Conference Center in Flatwoods. The LPWV anticipates nominating a full slate of candidates for the six statewide races in West Virginia this year as well as candidates for Congressional and state legislative office.


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