Libertarian Party of West Virginia Calls 2016 State Convention


(Parkersburg, WV) The Libertarian Party of West Virginia (LPWV), the fastest-growing political party in the Mountain State, will hold its 2016 state convention on May 7, 2016, at the Flatwoods Days Inn and Conference Center in Sutton, WV, announced State Chair Michael Wilson. “From all indications of our growth in local county organizations throughout the state, and with the number of registered Libertarians having doubled in the last two years, I think we’ll have the largest turnout we’ve ever seen,” said Wilson.

The business of the LPWV state convention will be to nominate candidates for statewide, legislative, congressional, and local office; to elect officers of the state party; and to select delegates to the Libertarian presidential nominating convention in Orlando, Florida, over Memorial Day weekend.

David D. Moran of Preston County, the LPWV candidate for Governor in 2012, whose successful candidacy recovered recognized party status for the state party, has announced his intentions to seek the office of Governor once again in 2016. Libertarians expect Moran will head a full slate of candidates for all statewide offices, including Attorney General, Secretary of State, Auditor, Treasurer, and Commissioner of Agriculture. In addition, the party anticipates a record number of candidates for House of Delegates and State Senate and is currently recruiting candidates for the three West Virginia seats in the United States House of Representatives.

All voters who are registered “Libertarian” on the voter rolls of the Secretary of State as of March 6, 2016, and who have signed and submitted membership applications in the LPWV are eligible to attend and vote at the LPWV state convention. There is no fee for membership in the state party.

The LPWV first gained official party recognition, which requires at least 1% in the race for Governor, through the candidacy of Dr. Wallace Johnson of Beckley, in 1996. It failed to achieve that threshold, however, in 2000 and thereafter until the most recent gubernatorial election. David Moran garnered 1.3% in the contest for Governor in 2012 and put the LPWV back on the roster of recognized parties. In 2014, the LPWV’s candidate for U.S. Senate, John Buckley of Hardy County, took third place out of five candidates with 1.6% of the vote. With organized affiliates in 22 counties and membership rolls and voter registration numbers continuing to grow, the LPWV expects the state party to do substantially better in 2016, with Moran again at the top of the ticket. As of October 2015, the voter rolls show more than 2,500 registered Libertarians throughout the state.

“The growth in the Libertarian Party in West Virginia reflects deep-seated unhappiness among the public with the continued growth of government sustained and enabled by the two older parties,” said Wilson. “An increasing number of voters want to regain their personal and economic liberty and are seeking an alternative in the political system. Libertarians are offering that alternative,” he maintained.

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