LPWV History

We are working to compile a comprehensive history of the LPWV spanning from inception to present day. Over the years, there have been many changes of the Executive Committee which has led to loss of historical records. 

If you have any historical records, statistics, documents, images or general information pertaining to the history of the LPWV, please return here soon, as we will be adding a method for you to upload and share your content. 


  • CANDIDATE LIST: Roger McBride, President; and, David P. Bergland,  Vice-President.


  • Harold Harvey of Beckley first promotes the Libertarian Party in West Virginia. 
  • CANDIDATE LIST: John Hospers, President; and, Theodora Nathan, Vice-President. 


  • Jack Kelley of Parkersburg runs for governor. 
  • CANDIDATE LIST: Ed Clark, President; David H. Koch, Vice-President; and, Jack Kelly, Governor. 


  • CANDIDATE LIST: David P. Bergland President; and, James A. Lewis, Vice-President. 


  • CANDIDATE LIST: Ron Paul, President; and, Andre Marrou, Vice-President. 


  • CANDIDATE LIST: Andre Marrou, President; and, Nancy Lord, Vice-President. 


  • John K. Brown, Wallace Johnson, Roger Fritz, John Sturgeon and David Wolfe establish the Libertarian Party of West Virginia.


  • Wallace Johnson ran for WV Governor and received 2.7% of the popular vote. This earned the Libertarian Party Major Party Status in West Virginia -- the first non-Democratic/Republican party to be recognized, as such, since 1924. 
  • CANDIDATE LIST: Harry Browne, President; Jo Jorgenson, Vice-President; and, Wallace Johnson, Governor. 


  • William Clem is elected surveyor in Jefferson County. 
  • CANDIDATE LIST: Joseph Whelan, U.S. Senate; Richard Kerr, U.S. House; and, John Brown, U.S House.


  • Bob Myers ran for WV Governor and received less than 1% of the popular vote. The Libertarian Party selects its candidates by primary election, where Richard Kerr, Bob Myers, John Brown, Joy Johnson, Joesph Whelan and Wallace Johnson are elected as delegates to the Libertarian National Convention. Poochie Myers ran for Secretary of State and received 55,000 total votes. Joesph Whelan runs for U.S. Senate, while Richard Kerr, John K. Brown and Jeff Robinson run for congress.
  • CANDIDATE LIST: Harry Browne, President; Art Oliver, Vice-President; Francis Whelan, U.S. Senate; Richard Kerr, U.S. House; John Brown, U.S House; Jeff Roinson, U.S. House; Bob Myers, Governor; and, Poochie Myers, Secretary of State. 


  • Simon McClure successfully challenged the state election law in court, leading to a judgement striking down the effects on registered voters who signed petitions to get third party candidates on the ballot. Before the W.V. Supreme Court handed down its order, persons signing petitions for "third-party" candidates ballot access lost their right to vote in the Primary Election.


  • Simon McClure ran for WV Governor.
  • John Leysorek ran for County Commission in Pocahontas County, and came in only 500 votes behind the winner. 
  • CANDIDATE LIST: Michael Badnarik, President; Richard V. Campagna, Vice-President, Simon McClure, Governor; and, Travis Shultz, District 7 Delegate. 


  • Kirsten Milligan launched an effort to resurrect the party after several years of downtime.


  • The LPWV 2008 convention was held on May 11th. Several executive committee members were elected, the delegation to the Denver convention was selected, and several resolutions passed. 
  • CANDIDATE LIST: Barr Barr, President; and, Wayne Allyn Root, Vice-President. 


  • The LPWV successfully lobbied for state legislation cutting the number of valid signatures for minor party general election ballot access in half. Read Article


  • CANDIDATE LIST: Thomas Thacker, State Senate; and, Tad Britch, State Delegate.


  • David Moran is nominated as the Libertarian Party of West Virginia's Gubernatorial Candidate. Read Article
  • The Libertarian Party of West Virginia endorses Gary Johnson for President. Read Article
  • The LPWV successfully petitioned the state to place David Moran (Governor) and Gary Johnson / Judge Jim Gray (President / Vice President) on the General Election Ballot. Read Article
  • Brent West runs a last minute Write-In Candidate for Mayor of the City of Vienna, WV. Read Article
  • David Moran received over 1% of the votes for Governor in the General Election thereby reclaiming Major Party status for the LPWV in West Virginia through and including 2016. Read Article 
  • CANDIDATE LIST: Gary Johnson, President; Judge Jim Gray, Vice-President; David Moran, Governor; and, Brent West, Mayor (Vienna). 


  • The LPWV nominates its largest slate of candidates in over 25 years. Read Article 
  • CANDIDATE LIST: John Buckley, United States Senate; David H. Jones, United States Delegate for WV 2nd District; Patrick S. Smith, W.V. Senate, 12th District; Michael A. Ray, WV House of Delegates 50th District; and, Edward E. Olesh, WV House of Delegates 51st District.