March 10, 1996

ARCHIVE DATA: The following are the minutes of the LPWV meeting held March 10, 1996.

Minutes of Libertarian Party of West Virginia
Executive Committee Meeting
March 10, 1996
Dr Wallace Johnson's office
Beckley, West Virginia

Present: John Brown, Roger Fritz, Dr. Wallace Johnson, David Wolfe, John Sturgeon.

A handout of accomplishments and goals was discussed.

Dr. Joseph Whelan arrived.

Minutes of the Feb. 18, 1996 meeting were read and approved.

Financial reports:

LPWV $845.39
Dr Johnson for Gov. $8,040.93 total donations $12,905.93
Expected from Mar 10 fundraiser: approx. $5,000

John Brown advised that the next newsletter is planned to be out around the primary, probably after our membership goes over 80.

It was generally agreed that media coverage should not be our goal. If we do enough good things, they will come around. Right now our main goal should be steady membership growth and a steady inflow of funds, and earned media should come as a result.

Campaign reports:

Dr Johnson:
Expecting 80 people at the China Garden fund raiser. Media coverage is uncertain although invitations were issued to Dan Page and others. Dr. Whelan left the meeting to call WOAY-TV to see if they would be covering it.

It was suggested that the top losing candidates in the primary be approached after the election to see if they would be willing to aid us.

There should be a media event in Charleston the Thursday after the primary to announce the end of our ballot drive and emphasize that there are three choices in West Virginia.

Ballot access is proceeding. Nick Dunbar is out and Charley Durham of National Voter Outreach is expecting to have 10,000 additional signatures by April 1st.

A handout of the advertising plan was discussed. We need to buy time as we get the money. Spots are being purchased on Metro News for Nov 4 and 5. This will include 21 spots on 58 stations statewide. The cost of a direct mailing of 40,000 campaign leaflets to registered independents in the state was estimated at $10,620.

The cost of five post-primary 30 second spots would be $2,000. These would declare Dr. Johnson and the Libertarian Party as a third choice.

Television advertising was agreed to be too expensive, costing $250,000 to get decent state-wide coverage, and we've already gotten some for free.

The plan is to have Joh Brown contact Metro News next business day, March 11, to buy radio spots.

Dr. Whelan returned to the meeting and said he had contacted WVVA-TV.

Internet report:

Party page has had 100 visitors.
Dr. Johnson's page has had 50 visitors.

Print advertising:

The ad in Grafitti continues as does the classified ad in the Sunday Gazette-Mail which has been extended to June 9.

Tax Day Protest:

Scheduled for 5PM to midnight April 15 at the downtown Charleston post office.

Dr. Whelan campaign:

There are three themes Dr. Whelan wants to stress:

  • Tax and regulatory reform - the people of the state are being strangled.
  • Jobs - too many are leaving the state to find employment elsewhere.
  • Healthcare - the system is being destroyed by government.

The issue of partial birth abortions was discussed. Educational efforts are needed to show that this is not a suitable means of birth control.

The meeting was then adjourned.