Libertarian State Nominating Convention to Hear from Two Libertarian Presidential Contenders

(Flatwoods, WV) Two contenders for the Libertarian Party nomination for President will address the state nominating convention of the Libertarian Party of West Virginia (LPWV) to be held Saturday, May 7, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., at the Days Inn Conference Center in Flatwoods, WV. 

Gary Johnson, former two-term Republican Governor of New Mexico and the LP’s nominee for President in 2012, and Austin Petersen, founder of the online news site The Libertarian Republic, both have confirmed their attendance and speaking before the Mountain State’s libertarian faithful. The LPWV state convention is expected to be its largest ever and will elect five delegates to the Libertarian Party’s national convention in Orlando over Memorial Day weekend.

With the prospect that the Republican and Democrat presidential nominations might go to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, respectively, the Libertarian Party, the only other political party whose candidate for President will be on the ballot in all 50 states, is receiving increasing attention in this volatile election year. 

West Virginia Libertarians also plan to nominate a full slate for all six statewide offices up for election in November. Its state candidates, to be nominated at the May 7 state convention, are expected to be: David Moran, of Preston County, for Governor; Karl Kolenich, of Upshur County, for Attorney General; John Buckley, of Hardy County, for Secretary of State; Brent West, of Wood County, for Treasurer; Brent Ricketts, of Jefferson County, for Auditor; and Buddy Guthrie, of Monongalia County, for Commissioner of Agriculture. In addition, the West Virginia Libertarian will be fielding candidates for U.S. House of Representatives, the House of Delegates and State Senate, and local offices. 

In the past two years, the Libertarian Party of West Virginia has doubled the number of voters registered “Libertarian” on the voter rolls and will be fielding its largest ticket ever of Libertarian candidates for public office. Attendance at its state convention will be nearly 10 times the attendance achieved in 2014 and by every objective measure has become the third largest political party in the Mountain State. 

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Attention: Media 

Members of the media who may wish to attend and cover the Libertarian Party of West Virginia State Nominating Convention are encouraged to pre-register for the convention via the LPWV website: (follow the banner headline for convention agenda and pre-registration). While pre-registration is not necessary, it is nonetheless helpful to our planning and coordination. The LPWV has set aside a portion of the conference site for media accessibility to candidates, party officers, and convention attendees. 

In particular, if any in the media wish to interview either Governor Johnson or Mr. Petersen, the LPWV would be happy to assist in coordinating that opportunity. Alternatively, since both candidates are anticipated to be available on the convention floor, they may be sought out as needed.

The LPWV convention will also feature a hospitality suite, the Governor’s Suite, for members, guests, and others on Friday evening and throughout the day on Saturday, May 7. 

For further information, contact: John Buckley, Secretary, LPWV (; cell: 703-628-2601).