November 30, 1996

ARCHIVE DATA: The following are the minutes of the LPWV meeting held November 30, 1996.

Minutes of Libertarian Party of West Virginia
Executive Committee Meeting
November 30, 1996
54 Cedar Drive
Hurricane WV

Present: John Brown, Roger Fritz, Dr. Wallace Johnson, David Wolfe, Bill Clem, Dr. Joseph Whelan, John Sturgeon.

The meeting was called to order by State Chair John Brown.

A motion was made to dispense with the reading of the minutes of the previous meeting. The motion was seconded and passed.

A motion was made to hold the executive committee meeting on the fourth Saturday of each quarter at revolving sites around the state. The motion was discussed, seconded and passed.

A motion was made to hold the next meeting on January 25, 1997 at Hoss's Restaurant in Martinsburg, West Virginia at 2:00 P.M., and in the case of inclement weather to make the date one week later. The motion was discussed and passed.

A motion was made to amend the by-laws of the LPWV to add the office "Vice-President - Campaigns" and to appoint Dr. Joseph Whelan to the position immediately. The discussion added that this would have to be approved at the next LPWV convention. The motion was passed, and Dr. Whelan accepted the position.

Dr. Johnson announced that he planned to meet with Governor-elect Cecil Underwood in January to present the LPWV's goals.

The treasurer's report was given by John Sturgeon: Checking account balance: $164.46.

David Wolfe reported that the Johnson for Governor campaign had approximately $2600 left with some bills outstanding. The campaign fund ended in the black, and should have about $2000 to give to the LPWV.

Vice-Chair Roger Fritz reported that he sent thank-you letters to media people who were friendly to the LPWV. In the letter he mentioned that if they had any questions about the Libertarian position on issues they should feel free to call on us.

The District One report was given by District One Chair David Wolfe. There is a strong grass roots movement going on, with libertarian video tapes and literature being distibuted by LPWV member Karl Swisher. Mr. Swisher is also checking into the possibilities of getting contributions from the coal industry in Lewis, Barbour and Harrison counties. There were 64 straight Libertarian ballots cast in Lewis County. The LP organizers at WVU have graduated, so we need replacements.

The District Two report was given by District Two Chair Bill Clem. There was nothing to report except he had tried the "Operation Politically Homeless" booth.

The District Three report was given by District Three Chair Dr. Wallace Johnson. He reported that he has sent paperwork to Secretary of State Ken Hechler to organize a Libertarian Political Action Committee which would have as its goal the removal of the health care provider tax by phasing it out to nothing in four years. State Delegate Dr. Robert Pulliam may be available to introduce Libertarian legislation into the House of Delegates, and he may challenge Bill Wooten for his State Senate seat in 1998.

In regard to the 1996 campaign he reported the successes as:

- 2.6 % of the vote

- The LPWV was the first third party in 72 years to get 1 % and got the highest total of any except for the Progressives in 1912.

- The vote for Dr. Johnson was five times the total for Kelly in 1980 and also five times that of 1996 Libertarian Presidential candidate Harry Browne.

- Support was state-wide with one percent reported in 54 of 55 counties. Only Morgan County deviated.

The major deficiency was financial. No one was concentrating on the financing of the campaign, resulting in 70 of 80 contributors of $100 or more being either direct acquaintances or patients of Dr. Johnson.

Newly appointed Vice-President of Campaigns Dr. Joseph Whelan reported that he probably would have gotten more votes in his Ninth District State Senate race if the United Mine Workers had not declared a miners' holiday on Election Day to increase the Democrat vote for Charlotte Pritt. However, he intends to visit the UMWA to express his appreciation of their support for him. Raleigh and Wyoming counties had similar percentages for him. All in all, he assures, it was an exhilarating time and although he is disappointed he is not discouraged.

No old business was pending.

New business:

- 1997 LPWV Convention.

The fourth Saturday in October 1997 was proposed as the date. This was judged not too early to start a campaign, being 12 months from the election. A mini campaign school could be held for Libertarian candidates. New candidates for the 1998 election could be recruited. Beckley, West Virginia was proposed as the 1997 site, Charleston in 1999 and Huntington or Parkersburg in 2001.

A motion was made to set the date for the convention as the fourth Saturday in October, 1997 with the site to be determined later. Motion seconded and passed.

- Goal Setting.

State Chair John Brown pointed out that so far the LPWV has reached all of its goals and it was time to set new ones. Everyone then read the goals they had been asked to prepare and these were listed and discussed. There were 15 different goals. These were then arranged in priority order by everyone, with 15 being the highest and one the lowest. The lists were read and the calculations done by Roger Fritz to determine the order. The final list was:

1. Membership: 200 members by 12/31/97 and establish new position: V.P.- Membership

2. Fundraising: $15,000 raised by 12/31/97 and new position: V.P.-Fundraising

3. Convention: To be held Oct 25, 1997 in Beckley/Oak Hill area.

4. Campaigns: 20 candidates in 1998, including House of Representatives in all three districts, and a Libertarian elected to office at any level.

5. County executive committes and chairs organized in 55 counties by 10/25/97.

6. Shadow government: To comment on any significant action by the Incumbent Party, including a Libertarian response to the State of the State address by Dr. Johnson.

7. Voter registration: To have "Libertarian" as an explicit choice ( instead of "other" ).

8. Expand state executive committee to include new V.P. positions and county chairs.

9. Continue press releases: Let the world know we're here and active.

10. Libertarian Speakers Bureau: Stable of speakers to be available to civic clubs, service organizations and others.

11. Organize events: Tax Day protest etc.

12. Lobbying Legislature: Let them know there are other ways.

13. PAC's: Organize our own.

14. Young Libertarians: Enlist the Youth of West Virginia.

15. Constitutional by-laws: Revise LPWV constitution.

Roger Fritz proposed a special resolution to reprimand the Libertarian National Committee and have them return power to the local levels. The motion failed.

Roger Fritz announced changes on the LPWV Internet Homepage.

The meeting was adjourned.