The Right to Privacy

What is the Libertarian Party of West Virginia's position on the Right to Privacy?


Privacy protections have been eroded gradually over many years. The Social Security Number has become a universal ID number, causing rampant and massive identity theft.


The individual's right to privacy, property, and right to speak or not to speak should not be infringed by the government. We oppose the issuance by the government of an identity card, to be required for any purpose, such as employment, voting, or border crossing. We further oppose the nearly universal requirement for use of the Social Security Number as a personal identification code, whether by government agencies or by intimidation of private companies by governments.


Transitional Action:
Eliminate the requirement for submission of a social security number (as printed on an official government card) in order to obtain or renew a West Virginia Drivers License. Eliminate the requirement that the US Social Security Number be printed on the driver’s license or maintained in a government file.