Upcoming Meeting Notice

Hello fellow LPWV Members And Interested Parties,

The LPWV will hold a meeting Saturday, September 14th at 1:00pm at Shoney's in Flatwoods WV. Exit 67 on I79.

There will be several items on the agenda. At the top of the list will be the election of a new Chair. Michael Wilson has had to resign because of health reasons. Michael has been a great Chair and is one of the main reasons the LPWV has bounced back with ballot status. I was with him at the Secretary Of State's office getting invalid petition signatures validated so David Moran and Gary Johnson could be on the ballot. The LPWV will miss his efforts and experience. We must move on however. We have gone to far and accomplished too much to stop now. Alan Westfall our Vice Chair will run the meeting and then turn the meeting over to the new Chair once elected. We will have other items we are working on in the agenda so the new Chair does not have to start from scratch. 

The LPWV is very happy to announce there are several people interested in running for office in 2014. Interest is in every top ballot slot. That is the US Senate and all House Congressional races. There is also interest in state Senate and Delegate races. We could field as many as 20 candidates in 2014 giving voters real choices. 

We still plan to have an awards ceremony in Beckley. We had to postpone it because of this meeting and moved the location to Flatwoods because it is a more central location.

One agenda item we will need to decide on is our method for selecting candidates for office. It does not have to be decided at this meeting but needs to be decided on as soon as possible. WV election code states that when receiving 1% and less than 10% the party has the option of selecting candidates either by convention or primary election. We need to discuss the pros and cons before taking a vote. 

Here are some other things we are working on. We have a database that will allow anyone to easily view the voting record of state Senators or Delegates. There is also another database that will allow potential interested candidates to make their intentions knows to everyone on the website. We also have a response to the highway funding study. We just need to have all this set up on our website. All of this is working on a different computer. It just needs migrated to the LPWV website. 

This next meeting is a very important meeting for the LPWV. Please by all means attend if possible. The main reason we moved the meeting date back to Sep 14 instead of Aug 24 was to give people more time to arrange their schedule so they could attend. If you can attend please let us know by sending an email to karl@lpwv.org.


Karl Swisher, Treasurer

Libertarian Party Of West Virginia