Welcoming Liberty Back to WV!

WEST VIRGINIA - David Moran, the 2012 West Virginia Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate, successfully received the statutory required percentage of votes (unofficial at the time of this report) to regain 'Major Party' status for the Libertarian Party of West Virginia (LPWV).

"Let me take this opportunity to thank all of you who believe that the principles of the Libertarian Party are essential for the future of West Virginia. We ran a campaign to challenge the existing political structure that has never brought success to West Virginians . . . the success we all hope to attain in the future. We ran the campaign for governor to provide new and specific solutions to the problems that we all face as citizens of this great state. I personally committed myself to a new era of prosperity in our state based upon specific programs for tax reduction and industrial expansion. I will continue to pursue those objectives for the next four years - or as long as it takes - to make West Virginia the greatest state in the union," stated candidate David Moran in an interview this evening.

In West Virginia, a political party is "any affiliation of voters representing any principle or organization which, at the last preceding general election, polled for its candidate for governor at least one percent of the total number of votes cast for all candidates for that office in the state..." [WV Code ยง3-1-8].

An official political party, as just defined, has automatic access to the General Election ballot and has the right to nominate its candidates in the Primary Election. For the Libertarian Party, at both state and national levels, this victory removes the expense and lost campaign time required to gain ballot access, for each and every candidate, throughout the state through and including the next General Election.

In 1996 Dr. Wallace Johnson ran for Governor in West Virginia and received 2.7% of the popular vote. This earned the Libertarian Party Major (Official) Party status throughout the state - the first non-Democratic/Republican party to be recognized, as such, since 1924.

The Libertarian Party has not held Official Party status in WV since 2000 when in a five-way race the LPWV candidate for Governor, Bob Myers, obtained less than one-percent (1%) of the vote.

Michael Wilson, the LPWV State Chairman stated earlier today, "even though we ran a campaign on a budget at less than one-percent of the other parties, we had a focused plan and never lost sight of our primary objective."

"This election proved victorious for all of West Virginia! We [the LPWV] can now give our candidates at local, county, state and national levels unhindered support for the next four years and will continue to build a strong option for the people of our state," Wilson added.