All Mountaineers are Libertarian


All Mountaineers are Libertarian   This is a book about a very special people West Virginians. The purpose of writing this book is not to convince you to vote for me for governor although that would be nice but rather to encourage you to expand your thoughts about the future of our state, especially as it is guided by current conventional political forces; and, to encourage you to re-evaluate your historical autonomic reactions to political issues and political presence, especially as you make your voting plans. This is Your State your voice is a powerful force in creating the future. You do not have to be limited by only a few or just two choices offered to you by politicians or bureaucrats. This is Your State and you have the right and the obligation to make it great, apart from the limited dictates of only two perspectives, two points of view, two political poles, the two entrenched political parties. Think about it our society and economy are based upon having multiple choices, not just one or two, and exercising those choices by our free will why is politics the only place where there are only two choices. We are providing you with another new, progressive and productive option.  

Paperback: 152 pages

Publisher: McClain Printing Company

(March 21, 2016)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0870128671

ISBN-13: 978-0870128677


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About the Author:

David Moran is a Farmer, a Shepherd to Sheep and Alpaca on his mountain-top natural-fiber farm in Eglon, West Virginia. Being a farmer is the most difficult, demanding, tiring and rewarding job he has ever undertaken. But this is just one in a long lifetime of demanding positions he has held. David is an engineer, an hydrodynamicist, educated at MIT, and was awarded a doctorate in hydrodynamics. He has served as a Full Professor at the United State Naval Academy, and also at George Washington University on the adjunct faculty. He currently holds an equivalent position at West Virginia University. He also served Harvard University, JFK School as Senior Official for National Security. He is a graduate of the Federal Executive Institute, and a graduate of the Brethren Ministerial Development Program. David Moran campaigned for Governor of WV in 2012 as a Libertarian after he succeeded in a petition drive across the state to attain ballot access. His campaign returns in the state election ensured that the Libertarian Party would continue to have ballot access as an Official Political Party in West Virginia through the next election cycle. He also campaigned for Congress in 2006 in the First Congressional District. His professional experience in management, research and development include being President of Technology International Partnerships 1998-2016. He was President of the National Technology Transfer Center (NTTC). He served as Director, Industrial Outreach, Advanced Technology Office of Naval Research (ONR). Dr. Moran was Assistant Technical Director at the David Taylor Research Center. Dr. Moran served as the founding Director, David Taylor Institute, Department of the Navy. He was also Director of Research at the David Taylor Research Center. Dr. Moran was Head, Ship Dynamics Branch DTRC. He served the Navy as the Program Element Administrator, Research & Dev. Naval Material Command and he served as Research Naval Architect in the US Navy. Volunteerism is the highest priority in his busy life: David and Lori serve as Read-Aloud volunteers at Aurora Elementary School. He has served as President and Office.


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